Unaccompanied Baggage Procedure


1.Complete the details on Japan Speed Pack Consignment Note and Personal Effects list.


 * Please download and use the following packing list form in advance to save your time.

    We need your packing list form for all boxes.( Please put number for each cartons )

Personal Effects List Form
Personal Effect List Form.pdf
PDFファイル 135.0 KB


2.Receive documents required for entry into Japan from us.


3.Fill out both copies of the Customs Declaration(C-5360-B) Form included in our package.

C5360-D Chinese.pdf
PDFファイル 202.9 KB
다운로드를 해 인쇄한 것을 이용할 수 있습니다.2매 인쇄를 해 주세요.
C5360-C Korean.pdf
PDFファイル 285.5 KB
ENGLISH C-5360-B (Customs Declaration Form )
You could download and use printed one.
(Please print 2 documents out.)
ENGLISH C5360-B.pdf
PDFファイル 244.3 KB


4.Hand both copies of your customs declaration from to to Japan Customs officer at Airport 

   Counter for stamping and make sure you are given one copy back.



5.Place the following documens into the prepaid brown envelope and post immediately.


1.Copy of the passport with you.( Pages for photo, entry stamp to Japan & VISA )

2.One copy of customs declaration form stamped by Japan Customs Officer.

3.One copy of Japan Speed Pack Consignment Note. 




After posting envelope to, the delivery would be approx 8 - 12 working days, subject to transport, customs controls. ( International Economy Service is longer )

When we have holidays during the period, the delivery can be delayed accordingly. 













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