Minimum Standard Rate (100kg minimun)

      Base Rate NZ$295           


100kg - 200kg  NZ$12.50/kg
200kg - 300kg           NZ$9.25/kg
Over 300kg           Please ask for quote


Pick Up Fee


                                       For example,  7 Boxes / 150KG


                                    Minimum Standard Rate : NZD780.00 for 125KG

                                    Extra Box Charge :            NZD20.00

                                    Over KG :                           NZD200.00 ( NZD8.00 X 25 )


                                    TOTAL                                NZ$1000.00  + Pick Up Fee if required

   Standard Terms & Conditions

Delivery term would be between 15 - 21 working days after arrival home in Japan. 

Please use air service if you require faster.


Normally this service is available at our office in Christchurch only.

Please contact with us if you are in other areas, please.


The delivery for an isolated island( Okinawa & etc ) will be charged the extra fee.Please contact us for any further details on.


The above price will be changed without notice.












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